About Us

Authentic & Original African culture depicted in art, carving and sculpture
Kulture Sculpture is based in the UK and managed by individuals with a keen interest in African culture, art, carving and sculpture. Our aim is to provide an ethical business avenue for our partners based on a free and fair trade basis.

Our products
Kulture Sculpture will source these from our partners (individual carver/artist or groups) in initially Ghana. All goods sourced will be paid for by Kulture Sculpture and thus our partners will suffer no financial loss. In addition, our partners will benefit from a re-distribution of any net profit, any loss arising will be borne by Kulture Sculpture. Why? This will ensure that our partners re-invest any additional revenue to develop their business.

Open to all artists’ carvers and designers who have a vision to sell their product to a wider public and also an interest to work as a team, with an ultimate goal of improving their work environment and also their life style. The project will initially start with up to six partners. New partners will be sourced on a regular basis as new products are introduced or commissioned.

The future
Looking forward we aim to establish a base in Ghana; this will provide much needed employment for the local community. Our presence in Ghana will also enable us extend our product base to include other regions.

Long term strategy
Our long term aim is to provide a network of advisors to guide and support our partners and their workforce.